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Reneé M. Schambre, DiHom, CWC, HHA

Reneé M. Schambre, DiHom, CWC, HHA

Owner/Founder Healthy Transformation, LLC
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach & Holistic Health Advisor
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Reneé M. Schambre, DiHom, CWC, HHA

Reneé enjoyed 18 years of financial wellness with Merrill Lynch; however, her physical wellness suffered due to stress. That career ended in 1999 due to a debilitating illness accompanied by a herd of doctors, tests, various remedies, a misdiagnosis, and, ultimately, removing one internal organ and subsequently damaging another. Three months after surgery, the same baffling pain returned.

Reneé’s mother said, “I know a friend of a friend who uses technology like acupuncture without needles. She scans your fingers and toes; it sounds very interesting… let’s go see what it is.” Desperate for relief and willing to try anything, Reneé made the appointment. This is where her lifelong passion for EDS testing began.

Discovering Her Career

From the moment Reneé touched the equipment, she instantly got chills and knew this was something she was supposed to do with her life. She became an apprentice with a local EDS healthcare practitioner. Reneé attended numerous conferences and seminars, continually being filled with excitement and dedication to learning how to help others with this amazing technology. She obtained her Diploma of Homeopathy through The British Institute of Homeopathy. This was it—her newfound purpose, completely and wholly in alignment with her being.

In 2005, Reneé became one of the top sales consultants and trainers with the EDS company. She traveled throughout the US and Canada from her RV (yes, RV = motorhome) to meet with doctors, practitioners, and nurses, sharing this holistic tool to help their clients make healthier lifestyle changes. Today, the technology is called BioScan and is utilized by integrative practitioners, veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors, medical doctors, and nurses all over the world.

Coming Home

Today, Reneé has settled back in the Mansfield area as a certified corporate wellness coach and holistic health advisor. Reneé’s passion is to share her extensive background in wellness and clinical holistic health education.

Renee is affectionately known as “the baby whisperer,” specializing in working with mothers and babies since 2000.


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